2209, 2021

Farm Succession Planning: Best process?

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In this second podcast on farm succession planning, Judy Wilkinson and Mike Krause discuss what process she has found helps a farming family to achieve a positive outcome to their farm succession process Mike Krause is one of Australia’s leading Farm Business Management consultants with significant experience in providing farm business management support, training and consulting to [...]

209, 2021

Farm Succession Planning: When to get started?

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Succession planning continues to be one of the most challenging topics for farming families to deal with successfully and is the topic most frequently requested by our listeners.   This series of podcasts explores three key questions:   (1) Why is it so difficult for many families to get started on farm succession planning and when is the best time to start?   (2) What is the best process?   (3) How can we avoid some of the challenges that can [...]

408, 2021

Interest Rates and Your Farm Business

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Darryl Gobbet is currently a Visiting Fellow at the SA Centre for Economic Studies at the University of Adelaide. Darryl is an eminent economist and has had many roles in his successful business career. Darryl and Mike’s path first crossed in the late 1980’s at The State Bank, the predecessor the BankSA. Notably in those times interest rates reached the giddy heights of 22%. [...]

2306, 2021

5 Challenges Facing Farm Businesses Today

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Tony Hudson is the Founder and Director of Hudson Facilitation. He shares his insights with Mike Krause of P2PAgri on what he sees to be the five significant challenges facing farm businesses today. These are challenging times for rural businesses, with increasing risks from climate variation, fluctuating commodity prices, access to export markets and increasing land prices. Tony brings a wealth of experience to [...]

1408, 2019

Rural Banking – Beyond the Royal Commission

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I just wanted to share some observations on rural banking since the Banking Royal Commission has been completed. These observations come from both farmers and advisers that have been using the farm business software P2PAgri to help sharpen their farm business performance and improve the information they provide to their bank. Can you really negotiate low interest rates in rural banking? Interest rates are now [...]

1707, 2019

Expand your farm business or invest off-farm? Compare for profitability

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There is no substitute for undertaking a professional approach to farm business analysis. There are positive options when deciding whether to expand your farm business through land purchase, land leasing and share farming, or instead investing off-farm. The key is, however, to undertake the correct analysis so the whole farm performance of liquidity, efficiency and wealth is understood. This will ensure sound decision making and improved risk management. Good, [...]

1504, 2019

Using Target Price & Target Yield to Help Determine Target Profit

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Analysis of your tactical Target Yield and Target Price this season can help drive your farm business profitability goals. Our family enjoy a good game of cards when we get together on holidays. One of our favourites is 500. Most times it is played with fun and reasonably light-hearted joshing. Occasionally, it can become a little more intense! For those who are familiar with the [...]

1402, 2019

Securing Farm Finance: What the Banking Royal Commission Means for You

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Now is the time to sharpen your farm business tools for securing farm finance as credit may be more difficult to access as a result of the Banking Royal Commission. With the dust beginning to settle on the Banking Royal Commission report, now is the time for farm businesses to be proactive! Just like seasons have their cycles, the finance industry has its cycles and we could be [...]

2911, 2018

Your Farm Business Journey: Tracking Your Goals and Progress

By |November 29th, 2018|Categories: Farm Business Decision-Making, Farm Business Management, Improving Profitability, Scenario Analysis|

This quote by Steven Covey is a great way to start anything – whether it is something short-term like a weekend fishing trip or a long-haul journey around Australia. But it is especially empowering for your farm business journey . What is your goal, or the ‘end’ that you hope to achieve? Even for a short-term goal like the weekend fishing trip, the ‘end’ may be very different for different people. [...]

506, 2018

Evaluating the Economics of Export Hay in Selected Farming Systems

By |June 5th, 2018|Categories: Farm Business Decision-Making|

This farm business analysis was conducted on behalf of the Australian Exporters Company (AEXCO) to assess the financial and risk management benefits of including the Export Hay enterprise in farming systems in Australia. The two farming systems used for this analysis were located in South Australia and Western Australia.  The inclusion of the Export Hay in these farming systems helped manage business and agronomic risk in the following major areas: Improved [...]

2704, 2018

Are you in the driver’s seat in your farm business?

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Driving any vehicle with confidence toward your goal or destination needs a strong focus on the road ahead, while keeping one eye on what’s behind in your rear-view mirror and another on what your gauges tell you about how well your vehicle is travelling. Is your farm business any different? How well are you planning for the coming season’s journey? In a [...]

1812, 2017

Knowing your Cost of Production: A risk management tool for the farm business

By |December 18th, 2017|Categories: Farm Business Decision-Making, Improving Profitability|

I was recently forwarded this interesting commentary from a trusted source in the US: What is interesting in this quote is that most of the strategies suggested here are for managing and improving production outputs. Of course, without production there will be no income. But as a producer, how do you assess what is providing your business with the best financial return? One of the main drivers [...]

1511, 2017

Are you making the most of your tax return information?

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The completion of the annual business tax return comes as a major relief to us all, often with a heartfelt, ‘Thank goodness I don’t have to do that again for another year!’ However, the discipline of completing the annual tax return does have benefits apart from hopefully saving you tax: The process makes you assess another year’s income and expenses and can, with some editing, measure your business’ financial [...]

809, 2017

‘The Family Farm as a Business’: Mike Krause interview with Neil Tuckwell of Your Business Mentor

By |September 8th, 2017|Categories: Farm Business Decision-Making, Farm Business Management|

‘Farming the Business’ manual and eBooks: Essential farm business management information Click to download Mike Krause, author of ‘Farming the Business’, being interviewed by Neil Tuckwell on Your Business Mentor. Mike Krause of P2PAgri shares why this information, available in both manual and eBook formats, is essential material to support farmers and their advisers in farm business management decision making. ‘Farming the Business’ has been commissioned by the Grains Research [...]

809, 2017

P2PAgri’s launch at SPAA conference!

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We are very excited that we were able to launch P2PAgri at the SPAA (Society of Precision Agriculture Australia) 20th National Conference, 14th August 2017, held at Sydney University. We have committed 2 years of hard work to developing P2PAgri as an online platform for farmers and agronomists to use in their farm business management decision-making. Our release at SPAA focused on how P2PAgri can be used to test [...]

709, 2017

Farming the Business GRDC manual for farmers and advisers|P2PAgri

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2015 release: 'Farming the Business'  We are so excited that, after months of hard work and keen anticipation, we have just completed and delivered the newly released farm business management manual ‘Farming the Business’. P2PAgri, with Mike Krause as primary author, developed this manual for the Grains Research Development Corporation (GRDC). This represents a significant investment by the GRDC in supporting Australian grain growers to develop improved business management [...]

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