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Powerful decision-support software to improve profitability and risk management in your farm business.

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Get the best deal from your Bank…

Access to bank finance can at times be critical to your farm business growth and/or survival. Download the PDF below to find out how you could get a better interest rate from your Bank.


  • There are 3 levels to the platform, each addressing a key question:

    ESSENTIALS: How well have I been managing my farm business?
    SEASON: How well am I currently managing my farm business?
    FUTURE: How do I best plan for future profits and growth?
  • Plan, monitor and evaluate current season

  • Build business KPI’s and trends

  • Store farm business history for future use

  • Powerful SCENARIO ANALYSIS now easier to use

  • Primary industries covered: Mixed farming, Cropping, Livestock, Viticulture, Horticulture and Pastoral


Develop powerful information from every stage of your business.

Get a rear view of your business trends to inform future planning.

Plan, monitor and analyse to optimise business results this season.

Assess future ‘what-if’ questions to manage business risks while maximising opportunities.

P2PAgri helps answer key questions about your business

  • What decisions are going to give me the best financial outcomes?

  • What financial measurements best help me manage my business?

  • What is my business wealth and is it growing?

  • What are my business financial weaknesses and strengths?

  • Any ‘what-if’ type question you have about your business direction!


Manage your P2PAgri platform yourself, or collaborate with any of your advisers as you need. It’s all about what you want!

Why you need to have a closer look at P2PAgri…

Gregor Wilkins

Yaninee, SA

Mixed Farmer

“Using Plan to Profit, we were able to input all the variables, such as expected rainfall, grain prices and leasing costs and come up with the worst-case and best-case scenarios – and it really paid off for us.”

Tony Hudson

Hudson Facilitation

Farm Business Consultant

“I recently used P2PAgri for a client seeking to borrow $1m to buy additional land. The bank was so impressed with the detailed financial projections, they offered them a 0.5% interest rate reduction. Using P2PAgri helped save my client $15,000 per year in interest.”

Scott Young

Hood Sweeny

Senior Director (Accountant)

“P2PAgri enables the accurate analysis of a farming operation to ensure the correct information is obtained. Scenario Analysis provides extreme benefits to the decision- making process.”


Farm business management for the digital age.


Three products to match your farm business needs.


Powerful and intuitive business decision -making tool accessible anywhere, anytime.


We’re in the cloud so you can securely access & store your data.

P2PAgri is an exciting new on-line development that has evolved from the successful desktop software ‘Plan to Profit’ developed by Mike Krause over the last 12 years.

Mike is one of Australia’s leading Farm Business Management consultants. His significant experience in providing farm business management support, training and consulting to Australia’s agricultural and agri-business industries forms the basis of this new development.

“P2PAgri is like a flight simulator for farmers. Its farm business modelling capacity in the cloud provides a powerful decision-making tool to help farmers and their advisers test business decisions without the risk of ‘crash and burn!’”