How can you be sure you’re delivering the best profitability from your farm business?

P2PAgri is powerful business management software for farmers and their advisers. With P2PAgri, you can develop key performance trends and benchmarks for your farm business. You can test plans and decisions with Scenario Analysis to maximise profitability. Plus, you can improve risk management and business resilience to build a more sustainable future.

P2PAgri helps maximise your farm business profitability.

Check out the power of P2PAgri to Improve Business Control

Explore how P2PAgri puts complete control of your farm business profitability and future into your own hands.

Bill Long, Ag Consulting Co

“P2PAgri is the most powerful tool available to farm businesses across Australia.”

Bill Long, Farmer & Adviser, Ag Consulting Co, SA

Three levels  to support your farm business management

P2PAgri goes far beyond any accounting software to give powerful management information that makes farm business profitability easy.


De-mystify your tax return: build your own business trends and benchmarks which can help you get a better deal from your bank. Answer questions such as:

  • How efficient has my farm business performance been?

  • How well have costs been managed in the business?

  • What wealth has the business built in the last few years?

  • How can these business trends help to re-negotiate a better deal with my bank?



Gain greater control and confidence in making the best profits this season, with analysis that informs decisions such as:

  • What enterprise mix will give the best profits this season?

  • What yields do I need to meet my target profit?

  • Can I negotiate a better deal with the bank?

  • Does the business have enough cash over the season to cover bills as they come in?



Test business decisions up to 5 years ahead with our unique SCENARIO ANALYSIS to improve profitability and risk management.

  • Can we afford new machinery? Will it improve our profitability?

  • Can the farm afford transition to the next generation, or retirement?

  • Can we afford to buy more land? Would we make better profits if we leased land?

  • What enterprise mix gives us the most profitable results if a drought occurs?




Improve Business Risk Management

Use the powerful Scenario Analysis tool to be confident your management decisions are improving business sustainability and building long-term wealth.

Improve farm business profitability with P2PAgri's Scenario Analysis.

Collaborative Farm Business Management

The flexible design of P2PAgri allows you to use it yourself or through collaboration with a farm adviser to do all the powerful business analysis for you.


Improve Farm Business Profitability

Get the best deal from your bank

Access to bank finance can at times be critical to your farm business growth and/or survival. Find out how P2PAgri can be used to help you get a better deal from your bank. P2PAgri was used to calculate all the financial reports and bank ratios discussed in this article, ‘Getting the best deal from your bank’. Farm business profitability made easier.

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    Farmers using P2PAgri to improve profitability.

    “Using Plan to Profit, we were able to input all the variables, such as expected rainfall, grain prices and leasing costs and come up with the worst-case and best-case scenarios – and it really paid off for us.”

    Gregor Williams, Farmer, Yaninee, SA
    Farmer using P2PAgri to improve farm profitability.

    “A few years back, we were considering buying more land and as part of my risk management, I wanted to be sure our farm business could manage this extra commitment over time. Using Scenario Analysis, Mike Krause helped us check the worst-case scenario of two droughts occurring which confirmed that we would survive financially, so we bought the land. We did actually end up with drought over the next two seasons, but I never lost sleep because I knew we’d get through it financially. After 5 years, we ended up financially fairly close to the predicted end position given the 2 dry years. The analysis was well worth doing.”

    Mark Branson, Farmer, Stockport, SA
    Adviser using P2PAgri to improve clients' farm business profitability.

    “I recently used P2PAgri for a client seeking to borrow $1m to buy additional land. The bank was so impressed with the detailed financial projections, they offered them a 0.5% interest rate reduction. Using P2PAgri helped save my client $15,000 per year in interest.”

    Tony Hudson, Hudson Facilitation

    “P2PAgri is like a flight simulator for farmers. Its farm business modelling capacity in the cloud provides a powerful decision-making tool to help farmers and their advisers test business decisions for maximising farm business profitability.”

    Mike Krause, P2PAgri

    Meet Mike Krause

    P2PAgri is an exciting new on-line development that has evolved from the successful desktop software ‘Plan to Profit’ developed by Mike Krause over the last 12 years. Mike is one of Australia’s leading Farm Business Management consultants. His significant experience in providing farm business management support, training and consulting to Australia’s agricultural and agri-business industries forms the basis of this new development. Helping farmers improve their farm business profitability has been Mike’s mission throughout his career.

    Farming the Business manual, authored by Mike Krause for GRDC.

    The Farming the Business manual Mike developed for GRDC has become a new standard in helping farmers improve farm business profitability. It is used not only by many individual farmers and advisers across Australia but also by many highly recognised farm business courses such as at Melbourne University, Victoria and Curtain University, WA.

    Mike Krause, CEO and developer of P2PAgri, and author of Farming the Business manual.