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How Can You Manage Farm Business Risks with Confidence?

As a devoted Australian farmer, you want to do the best for your farm business and make the right decisions around things like paddock planning, succession planning, managing peak debt, machinery financing, and so on.

You know these decisions are critical not just to maintain a profitable and sustainable business, but to manage risk.

However, to do all of this well, you’ve got to be on top of your data – which is not an easy task.

Running a farm is no small feat, and it demands all your time.

You’re aware you need a better way of collating and understanding your farm business data than keeping everything on Excel spreadsheets, but you don’t have time to explore all the software options.

You’re looking for a practical, easy-to-use solution that’s going to give you the information you need to make the most practical and profitable decisions for your farm business.

What P2PAgri Does

Road test farming decisions with P2PAgri’s unique Scenario Analysis

  • Covers a broad range of Australian agricultural industries: cropping, livestock, horticulture and viticulture. We are currently working on adding dairy to our platform.

  • Gross margins analysis

  • Calculating target yields and prices to achieve target profitability 

  • Cash flow management (either manually or automated with Xero)

  • Cost of production analysis

  • Historic key performance trends (either manually or automated from Xero)

  • Extracting management data using tax returns

  • Efficiency measures regarding farm performance

  • Financial reports for the banks

  • Key Performance Indicators

  • Putting all relevant data in one platform to use scenario analysis to assess strategy and quantify risk

  • We provide best practice training and support

Use your own data with P2PAgri‘s powerful and easy analytics from P2PAgri, to minimise risk while maximising profits

Your Total Farm Business Management Platform

Minimise risk and maximise profits

Use your own data to develop powerful business analytics – learn from past production cycles, manage the current season for optimal results, and assess future threats and opportunities to maximise the most profitable and sustainable outcomes for your business in the years ahead.

The high-level analytics possible with P2PAgri will not only help you in your planning and decision-making – they can also significantly improve finance outcomes from your bank.

P2PAgri is the most effective software available for successful farm business risk management.

How is P2PAgri helping other farmers?

Stef Schmitt

We recently used P2PAgri to help our family farm business make the decision to expand through the purchase of additional land.

P2PAgri allowed us to model good and bad years and identify fundamental business figures. This analysis gave our business and the bank confidence in the decision.

P2PAgri Corey Uebergang Testimonial

From P2PAgri, I’ve been able to get a snapshot of my business and understand my strengths and weaknesses and the areas I need to work on. The key point I love about P2Pagri that I’ve never seen in any other program is the ability to do forward projections and future scenario analysis.

To me, that’s the strength of the program that nothing else has – the ability to plug in a property or machinery purchase and in five minutes you can see what impact that has on your business over time.

Corey Ubergang, Farmer, Warooka, SA

P2PAgri is very userfriendly and a great tool for running various scenarios such as crop rotations or rainfall totals before entering a new season. You can track your progress throughout the year and make price or yield adjustments as the season progresses. This provides great detail enabling farmers to evaluate their decisions and adjust accordingly.

Hugh Murdoch, Farmer, Warooka, SA

3 Levels for all your Farm Business Decisions


  • Use past business data from your yearly tax return.
  • Develop your own key performance farm business benchmarks.
  • Do more than one year to develop clear business trends.
  • Highlight where your farm business is performing efficiently and where it could be improved.
  • Easy and accessible calculations.

Essentials is FREE!


    Season Level

  • Plan, monitor and analyse your business over the current season.
  • Develop key business reports, including Cash Flow, Balance Sheet, Profit and Loss, Cost of Production, Enterprise Gross Margins and business Key Performance Indicators (KPIs).
  • Use these to inform future planningUse these to inform future planning and discussions with your team and your bank.

Introductory offer for limited time: Up to 2 hours FREE one-to-one support to get you started with both ESSENTIALS and SEASON.


    Future Level

  • Easily develop a plan for up to 5- years ahead.
  • Use powerful SCENARIO ANALYSIS to model future ‘what-if’ production and business scenarios.
  • Gain confidence in your decision-making as you improve business control and direction, particularly in risk management.
  • Take advantage of business opportunities such as business expansion or transition, or to manage risks such as drought and debt.

Introductory offer for limited time: Up to 2 hours FREE one-to-one support to get you started in all three levels


How can you access P2PAgri as a farmer?


Subscribe yourself and get on-line support from us. You have complete control over how P2PAgri can work for you – use it yourself at any level.


If you want this business analysis done but are not sure you have the time, subscribe yourself or collaborate with a current accredited adviser (e.g. argronomist or accountant) to do these analytics for you.

Frequently Asked Questions

We want users of P2PAgri to be successful in using the platform. It has been designed with considerable Help text and instructional videos throughout the software. We provide FREE Zoom (like Skype) one-on-one support to get you started.

We are here to support you as you learn to use P2PAgri. Please ring or email when you are purchasing, and we will discuss what support best suits you. We have found Zoom to be an effective way to train farmers and advisers. You will find a lot of support for using P2PAgri within the platform itself. We have worked hard to provide text support, screen instruction videos and farm business management videos in the HELP section, right when you need them. We want you to master this well-designed software, so you are welcome to contact us during the learning phase.

No, you don’t need any prior knowledge. All you need is a capacity and desire to learn and a little persistence to achieve the skill level you require. We hope the help and support from P2PAgri will also make a positive difference. At extra cost, we will also be running various 1-day workshops if you wish to learn that way. We have three workshops: 1-day ESSENTIALS, 1-day SEASON and 1-day FUTURE. This covers the full capability of P2PAgri.

You can go to our website or call us on 1300 42 30 30 and we will arrange your training support.

If you are using an Accredited P2PAgri Advisor, you know you are in good hands and the full capacity of this powerful software will be available to help your business. Have a look at the Accredited P2PAgri Adviser page on our website to find an adviser most suited to you.

The unique feature of P2PAgri is that you are in charge of your own data. So, if you wish to change advisers, you are fee to un-authorise one adviser and change that authority to another, or others.

The answer to this is a definite YES! We have had banks request some of their clients be consulted by an adviser using P2PAgri. In other cases, farmers have saved $1,000s in lower interest payments, as the banks judge the business has lower risks and knows where it is going.

P2PAgri comes from 10 years development and experience from training over 600 farmers and advisers in Plan 2 Profit (P2P), our previous desktop software and training product. We now have a leading agribusiness, Elders, looking to use this through their Australian network of advisers. We are also establishing as a learning tool of preference to senior Farm Business Management undergraduate students at Melbourne University.

The P2PAgri software incorporates all the farm business management knowledge provided in the ‘Farming the Business’ manual Mike Krause developed for GRDC.

P2PAgri is not an accountant package. Most accounting packages are designed to manage your tax liability and BAS reporting, which is a business necessity, but do not provide good management information.  P2PAgri goes far beyond tax accounting. However, we are complementary to  accounting programs. P2PAgri has been created to help you with far more important farm business questions such as business viability, profit improvement, measuring business efficiency, farm business succession and developing wealth in your business.

Spreadsheets can be an effective tool in the farm office and have been used to do similar analysis for years. However, you need to be well-trained in farm business management and spreadsheet development to make the most of these budgets and business measures. Also, surveys show that 75% of created spread sheets have major errors, which are rarely detected! P2PAgri will take you to the next level of farm business management with confidence.