P2PAgri Accredited Advisers


Adviser Location Background

Mike Krause


Adelaide, South Australia
M: 0408 967 122
E: mike@p2pagri.com.auP2PAgri_logo
Mike has over 20 years’ experience working with farmers in all areas of farm business management. He has worked with a range of primary producers: cropping, mixed farms, livestock, pastoral, horticulture and viticulture properties.

Areas of expertise include:

  • Risk Management
  • Succession Planning
  • Scenario Analysis

Tony Hudson

Hudson Facilitation

Melbourne, Victoria
M: 0407 701 330
E: tony@hudsonfacilitation.com.au
Tony is an independent business consultant with a background in agri banking, and as Director Farm Management at Marcus Oldham College.

His areas of expertise include:

  • Strategic Planning
  • Financial Analysis
  • Finance Application & Negotiation
  • Succession Planning

Tim Pilkington

Southern Ag Management

Albury, NSW

M: 0447048861

E: info@sagm.com.au

W: https://southernagmanagement.com.au/

Tim is an agribusiness and agronomy consultant based in Albury NSW with 20 years of experience across much of southern and eastern Australia. Working with clients from southern QLD to western Victoria across a wide range of broadacre and horticultural industries. Tim specialises in working with clients in understanding the technical, agronomic and financial aspects of farm management and decision making.

Areas of expertise

  • Strategic planning
  • Business reviews
  • Finance application and negotiation
  • Farm Board set up

Corey Uebergang

Uebergang Ag Services

Rutherglen, Victoria
M: 0409 664 471
E: cuebergang@bigpond.com
Corey is a passionate farmer who has over 20 years’ experience working as an agronomist and adviser in Southern NSW and North Eastern Victoria. In partnership with his wife and starting with relatively little equity, Corey has rapidly built a successful and expanding farming business.

Corey takes a patient and friendly approach to consulting, assisting clients in making better decisions to help them achieve their goals. His specific skills include:

  • Crop Planning
  • Strategic and Operational Farm Business Planning
  • Land and Machinery Purchase Assessment
  • Farm Business Assessment

Chris Davey


Kadina, SA
M: 0428 466 675
E: chris@ypag.com.au
Chris (C.D.) has been an Agronomist on the Yorke Peninsula for 22 years. He works for the independent agronomy & agribusiness, YP AG, based at Kadina. Chris has been working with farmers on NYP with Plan 2 Profit for 10 years under Mike’s tutelage, assessing the best financial outcomes for their farming businesses.

Areas of expertise include:

  • Scenario Analysis
  • Farm Financial Planning
  • Farm Business Assessment

Anthony Gordon

Invigor Ag

Forbes NSW
M: 0458 561 156
E: agordon@invigorag.com.au
Anthony completed a Bachelor of Science and a Master of Business Administration from the University of New England. Agribusiness experience spans 24 years at all points of the agribusiness value chain and has included agronomic advisory service, financial analysis, strategic business planning, investment appraisal, and managing direct agribusiness investments.

Phillip Dibben

FSSA Financial Services SA

Jamestown SA
M: 0438 946 638
E: phillip@financialservicessa.com.au
Phillip Dibben (Dibbo) is a farm business consultant with over 35 years’ experience in agri-finance. With a passion for the industry, Dibbo believes in developing a complete understanding of his clients’ needs and in building long term relationships with them. Dibbo services clients in most areas of South Australia, but has a special interest in working with multigenerational farming and pastoral families.

Areas of expertise:

  • Financial reviews and analysis
  • Business management reviews and support
  • Strategic planning
  • Succession planning
  • Cash Flow management support

Why use a P2PAgri Accredited Adviser?

  • It’s the easiest way for you access all the benefits of using P2PAgri in your farm business management.

  • To financially assess your business’ strengths and weaknesses and help identify the real questions that need to be answered about your business.

  • To identify the key strategies for business improvement to help achieve your business goals.

  • To set in place a plan to monitor and manage progress toward your business goals.

How does this process work?

  1. Accredited Advisers have completed training and demonstrated competency in using the P2PAgri platform, so you can have confidence in the quality of their business consultancy to clients.
  2. You are encouraged to contact any of these advisers directly yourself.
  3. You can obtain viewing rights from your adviser of your business on the P2PAgri platform, to allow for collaboration on business planning and analysis.