Peter Aikman: A Farm Business Journey

Peter Aikman began his journey toward a greater understanding of his farm business by trying to discover the information behind his financial data. “I wanted to improve my knowledge. I wanted more confidence in my numbers. I wanted more accuracy, transparency with business partners, whether that be people in your business or your banks and to enjoy it.” This has given Peter confidence in not only understanding his own data, but also empowering his business planning and decision-making. Mike Krause is one of Australia’s leading Farm Business Management consultants with [...]

Farm business info: Easier & more powerful

Phil Dibben, the owner of Financial Services South Australia, shares with Mike Krause the benefits of good farm business management and using the P2PAgri software to help his business and his clients. He highlighted several key advantages: Using P2PAgri is easy Using P2PAgri saves him suffering from 'death by Excel' Clarifying the farm business performance for the client and their bank Being able to use Scenario Analysis to answer 'what-if' questions is the unique advantage for farmers and advisers in using the software Find out more about Phil and his services from his website: [...]

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5 Challenges Facing Farm Businesses Today

Tony Hudson is the Founder and Director of Hudson Facilitation. He shares his insights with Mike Krause of P2PAgri on what he sees to be the five significant challenges facing farm businesses today. These are challenging times for rural businesses, with increasing risks from climate variation, fluctuating commodity prices, access to export markets and increasing land prices. Tony brings a wealth of experience to his consulting in farm business management: from lecturing at Marcus Oldham College, and working in rural banking at NAB (National Australia Bank), to many years training and consulting to farm businesses. [...]

Your Farm Business Journey: Tracking Your Goals and Progress

This quote by Steven Covey is a great way to start anything – whether it is something short-term like a weekend fishing trip or a long-haul journey around Australia. But it is especially empowering for your farm business journey . What is your goal, or the ‘end’ that you hope to achieve? Even for a short-term goal like the weekend fishing trip, the ‘end’ may be very different for different people. Is it really about catching fish, or is it more a chance to get away and relax? Maybe it is a bit of both. Whatever the goal, and whether this is [...]

Evaluating the Economics of Export Hay in Selected Farming Systems

This farm business analysis was conducted on behalf of the Australian Exporters Company (AEXCO) to assess the financial and risk management benefits of including the Export Hay enterprise in farming systems in Australia. The two farming systems used for this analysis were located in South Australia and Western Australia.  The inclusion of the Export Hay in these farming systems helped manage business and agronomic risk in the following major areas: Improved ‘Net Farm Profits’ and efficiencies, as measured by ‘Return on Assets Managed’. Competitive gross margins when compared to grain production and sheep. Economic balance to grain production as the [...]

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