‘Farming the Business’ manual and eBooks: Essential farm business management information

Click to download Mike Krause, author of ‘Farming the Business’, being interviewed by Neil Tuckwell on Your Business Mentor.

Mike Krause of P2PAgri shares why this information, available in both manual and eBook formats, is essential material to support farmers and their advisers in farm business management decision making. ‘Farming the Business’ has been commissioned by the Grains Research and Development Corporation (GRDC), as part of their recognition of the importance of helping the grain farmers of Australia improve their business skills. Some of the essential farm business management skills addressed in ‘Farming the Business’ include:

  • Measure and improve the three essential components of farm business management: Liquidity (cash flow), efficiency (profitability) and wealth (balance sheet).
  • Using scenario analysis to assess alternative scenarios for risk management, including managing risks of climate variability and succession planning.
  • Understanding that good farm business management is not the same as tax management.
  • Exploring alternate strategies such as different business models and advisory boards.