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Farmer Walk-Through


We’re excited to share the capability of what P2PAgri can do for your farm business!

How can I use P2PAgri?

Four options

Subscription Level


1.‘I only want to use it myself’


Subscribe to any level you want (ESSENTIALS, SEASON or FUTURE).

Understand more about your farm business management through the integrated support in the P2PAgri platform.

You are in control of your own farm business analysis and reporting.


2.‘I want to use P2PAgri myself, and access workshop training’


Get your clients to subscribe to the level they want (ESSENTIALS, SEASON or FUTURE), and they give you access through their Settings.

You can actively service your clients with their farm business analysis and reporting.

Help your clients provide key information to their banks and other advisers

3. ‘I want one of my existing advisers to use P2PAgri for my business.’


Subscribe to the level of P2PAgri you want (ESSENTIALS, SEASON or FUTURE), and then give access to any of your business support people (adviser, agronomist, accountant and banker) through your Settings.

You get the benefit of P2PAgri while controlling your farm business information and deciding who can access it.

4.‘I want to use an Accredited P2PAgri adviser for my farm business.’

Subscribe to the level of P2PAgri you want (ESSENTIALS, SEASON or FUTURE), and then check the P2PAgri website for a list of Accredited P2PAgri Advisers. Once you have chosen one, give them permission to log in to your P2PAgri account.

The Accredited P2PAgri Adviser can provide the full range of P2PAgri capability for your business, according to the subscription level you have chosen.


NB These prices are paid by the farmer who can then give advisers log-in authority to use the platform on their behalf.
(Pay yearly to get one month free)


$40 Mo / $440 Yr

(Tax Year)

  • Profit & Loss

  • Balance Sheet

  • 5 KPIs


$89 Mo / $979 Yr

(Farm Year)

  • Profit & Loss

  • Balance Sheet

  • 17 KPIs

  • Gross Margins

  • Cost of Production

  • Target Profits

  • Monthly Cash Flow


$135 Mo / $1485 Yr

(Farm Year)

  • Profit & Loss

  • Balance Sheet

  • 17 KPIs

  • Gross Margins

  • Cost of Production

  • Target Profits

  • Monthly Cash Flow

  • Future Plan

  • Scenario Analysis – up to 5 years projections

  • Compare Scenarios


P2PAgri has been designed to be easily used by farm business managers. Its development comes from 10 years’ experience of developing and selling Plan 2 Profit (P2P), our previous desktop farm business management software to over 600 farmers and advisers. This new online service has a lot more help on board, to help you maximise using this as a powerful business support tool.

We are here to help you get the most out of this software and make your business more profitable. We will provide you support via phone and email, as well as the significant help built into this cloud software, which includes text and instructional video right where you need it in the platform.

No, you don’t need prior knowledge. All you need is a capacity and desire to learn and a little persistence to achieve the skill level you require. We hope the help and support from P2PAgri will also make a big difference. At extra cost, we will also be running various 1-day workshops if you wish to learn that way. We have three workshops: 1-day ESSENTIALS, 1-day SEASON and 1-day FUTURE. This covers the full capability of P2PAgri.

You can go to our website or call us on 1300 42 30 30 and we will arrange your training support.

If you are using an Accredited P2PAgri Advisor, you know you are in good hands and the full capacity of this powerful software will be available to help your business. Have a look at the Accredited P2PAgri Adviser page on our website to find an adviser most suited to you.

The unique feature of P2PAgri is that you are in charge of your own data. So, if you wish to change advisers, you are fee to un-authorise one adviser and change that authority to another, or others.

The answer to this is a definite YES! We have had banks request some of their clients be consulted by an adviser using P2PAgri. In other cases, farmers have saved $,000s in lower interest payments, as the banks judge the business has lower risks and knows where it is going.

P2PAgri comes from 10 years development and experience from training over 600 farmers and advisers in Plan 2 Profit (P2P), our previous desktop software and training product. We now have a leading agribusiness, Elders, looking to use this through their Australian network of advisers. We are also establishing as a learning tool of preference to senior Farm Business Management undergraduate students at Melbourne University.

P2PAgri is not an accountant package. Most accounting packages are designed to manage your tax liability and BAS reporting, which is a business necessity. We don’t do this. However, we are complementary to these accounting programs. P2PAgri has been created to help you with far more important farm business questions such as business viability, profit improvement, measuring business efficiency, farm business succession and developing wealth in your business.

Spreadsheets can be an effective tool in the farm office and have been used to do similar analysis for years. However, you need to be well-trained in farm business management and spreadsheet development to make the most of these budgets and business measures. Also, surveys show that 75% of created spread sheets have major errors, which are rarely detected! P2PAgri will take you to the next level of farm business management with confidence.