Farm Succession Planning: Best process?

In this second podcast on farm succession planning, Judy Wilkinson and Mike Krause discuss what process she has found helps a farming family to achieve a positive outcome to their farm succession process Mike Krause is one of Australia’s leading Farm Business Management consultants with significant experience in providing farm business management support, training and consulting to Australia’s agricultural and agri-business industries. This experience forms the basis of significant developments: ‘Farming the Business’ manual Mike produced for the GRDC. ‘Plan to Profit’, the successful desktop software [...]

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Farm Succession Planning: When to get started?

Succession planning continues to be one of the most challenging topics for farming families to deal with successfully and is the topic most frequently requested by our listeners.   This series of podcasts explores three key questions:   (1) Why is it so difficult for many families to get started on farm succession planning and when is the best time to start?   (2) What is the best process?   (3) How can we avoid some of the challenges that can occur in farm succession planning?   Judy Wilkinson has been providing consultancy to families on farm succession planning, more recently known as ‘Farm Business Transition’, for over 20 years. Her experience gives helpful insight into this often difficult process. Judy has also been involved in farming for many years at Snowtown, South Australia, [...]

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Interest Rates and Your Farm Business

Darryl Gobbet is currently a Visiting Fellow at the SA Centre for Economic Studies at the University of Adelaide. Darryl is an eminent economist and has had many roles in his successful business career. Darryl and Mike’s path first crossed in the late 1980’s at The State Bank, the predecessor the BankSA. Notably in those times interest rates reached the giddy heights of 22%. Darryl shares his thoughts on current interest rates and where he thinks they are heading, and the impact of this on the farm business and rural land values. [...]

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5 Challenges Facing Farm Businesses Today

Tony Hudson is the Founder and Director of Hudson Facilitation. He shares his insights with Mike Krause of P2PAgri on what he sees to be the five significant challenges facing farm businesses today. These are challenging times for rural businesses, with increasing risks from climate variation, fluctuating commodity prices, access to export markets and increasing land prices. Tony brings a wealth of experience to his consulting in farm business management: from lecturing at Marcus Oldham College, and working in rural banking at NAB (National Australia Bank), to many years training and consulting to farm businesses. [...]

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