P2PAgri for Advisers


We’re excited to share the capability of what P2PAgri can do for your clients, and for your business!

Quick intro video

Detailed walk-through of P2PAgri for Advisers

Key Features & Benefits

  • Expand your business services to new and existing clients, helping you to build a more profitable and successful business.
  • Provide high-level business analysis and value that ensures you become a key part of your clients’ business success.
  • Be listed on our website as a preferred Accredited Adviser – farmers can trust the high-quality farm business analysis you provide!
  • Connect an unlimited number of clients to your platform.
  • Have on-going support to ensure your success.
  • Integrated HELP available throughout the P2PAgri platform.
  • 3 levels for business support and analysis, covering past, present and future.
  • Measure and manage your clients’ farm businesses for improved liquidity, efficiency and wealth.
  • Develop key business reports for clients, including Cash Flow, Balance Sheet, Profit and Loss, Cost of Production, Enterprise Gross Margins and business Key Performance Indicators (KPIs).
  • Develop clients’ business trends and benchmarks.
  • Provide your clients with a full farm business recording system, from historical data to current activity and future planning.
  • Support clients’ business decisions with SCENARIO ANALYSIS – compare scenarios for optimal outcomes.
  • Develop ‘what-if’ type scenarios about your clients’ businesses to help them take advantage of opportunities such as business expansion or transition, or to manage risks such as drought and debt.
  • An online platform supported by offline capacity, providing usability anywhere, anytime.
  • Provide business services to your clients more efficiently and easily.
  • Access all clients on the one platform.
  • Collaborative access – can work with clients on-line.

Advantages of Accreditation

Using P2PAgri as an Adviser Accredited Un-Accredited
How do I access the P2PAgri platform? You have your own log-in to the platform. As you add each client, their business data is recorded as a separate entry accessible on your platform.  You do not have your own business platform. The farmer pays for the level they want to access and can give you log-in access to their platform if they wish.
 Does it give me a professional edge?  Yes – Listed on P2PAgri website as a preferred adviser with current Accreditation.  Not listed on P2PAgri website.
 Increased business value?  Yes – You pay a wholesale rate and charge clients a retail rate for each subscription.  Only from your service fee – no wholesale-retail profit margin.
 Who ‘owns’ client data?  You do! This can be aggregated anonymously in reports, such as benchmarking for your business and clients. The farmer remains the owner of their own data. No benchmarked reports possible.
 Professional confidence?  Yes – After accreditation training, you get extra professional support in report generation and SCENARIO ANALYSIS development. No extra support beyond that available comprehensively in the P2PAgri platform itself.
 Confidence in farm business management advising? Yes – You will be interacting with the P2PAgri trainers and can have your work checked, so you can be confident in using P2PAgri correctly. No extra support beyond that available comprehensively within the P2PAgri platform itself.


Pricing for Accredited Advisers

To become a P2PAgri Accredited Adviser, the costs to the adviser are:

    • Accreditation: $3,300
      This provides the adviser with either 2-day workshop training or one-on-one training on a Zoom conference call.
      Your own log-in to the whole P2PAgri platform, allowing you to use all 3 levels: ESSENTIALS, SEASON and FUTURE.
      Listing on the P2PAgri website as a preferred Accredited Adviser.
      On-going support as needed.
    • Annual consulting support and maintenance of your Accreditation: $550/yr
    • Wholesale subscription to FUTURE charged for each client: $575/yr 
      This subscription fee can be charged to the farmer inclusive of the adviser’s consulting fee.

Pricing for Un-Accredited Advisers

The un-accredited adviser pays NO fee to P2PAgri.
The price for each level to the platform is paid by the farmer, who can then give advisers log-in authority to use the platform on their behalf e.g. to enter data.


$40 Mo / $440 Yr

(Tax Year)

  • Profit & Loss

  • Balance Sheet

  • 5 KPIs


$89 Mo / $979 Yr

(Farm Year)

  • Profit & Loss

  • Balance Sheet

  • 17 KPIs

  • Gross Margins

  • Cost of Production

  • Target Profits

  • Monthly Cash Flow


$135 M0 / $1485 Yr

(Farm Year)

  • Profit & Loss

  • Balance Sheet

  • 17 KPIs

  • Gross Margins

  • Cost of Production

  • Target Profits

  • Monthly Cash Flow

  • Future Plan

  • Scenario Analysis – up to 5 years ahead

  • Compare Scenarios

We’re proud of how P2PAgri helps farm advisers

Graham Page

Head of Technical Services


“Before I used P2PAgri, I thought I had a good working relationship with my farmer clients, but after using P2P with them, I became much more vital to their business.”

Bill Malcolm

(Assoc. Prof.) Farm Economist

Melbourne University

“P2PAgri has dragged Farm Business Management into the 21st Century.”

Bill Long

Managing Director

Ag Consulting Co

“Plan to Profit is the most powerful tool available to farm businesses in Australia.
As a farmer and adviser, it has helped me understand my business and the farm business performance of the many growers I work with.”


We are here to support you as you learn to use P2PAgri. Please ring or email when you are purchasing, and we will discuss what support best suits you. We have found Zoom to be an effective way to train farmers and advisers. You will find a lot of support for using P2PAgri within the platform itself. We have worked hard to provide text support, screen instruction videos and farm business management videos in the HELP section, right when you need them. We want you to master this well-designed software, so you are welcome to contact us during the learning phase.

Once you have gained Accreditation, we are keen to support you in the use of the various levels of P2PAgri. To maintain Accreditation listing on our website, there needs to be evidence that you are actively using P2PAgri with your clients.

As a P2PAgri Accredited Adviser, you can subscribe clients at the FUTURE level for an annual license of $575/client (GST Inc). You can then add this cost to your consulting fee to your clients.

The answer to this is a definite YES! We have had banks request some of their clients be consulted to by an adviser using P2PAgri. In other cases, farmers have saved thousands in lower interest payments, as  banks judge a well-informed business to be a lower lending risk. In a recent example in NSW, Australia, a P2PAgri Accredited Adviser saved their farmer client $15,000 in annual interest repayments on a new million dollar loan.

The client will have the benefit of your advice with P2PAgri’s powerful farm business management tool. This will help them to consider those important ‘what-if’ questions such as land and machinery purchase, change in farming systems and family succession. If you provide this level of business advisory service to your clients, you will become more vital to their business.

Becoming more vital to your farmer clients means your business will become more stable and with ‘word-of-mouth’, it will grow. You will also spread your business risks by adding another skill to your service offering.

P2PAgri comes from a 10-year development and experience,  training over 600 farmers and advisers in Plan 2 Profit (P2P), our previous desktop software and training product. We now have a leading agribusiness, Elders, looking to use this through their Australian network of advisers. We are also establishing as a learning tool of preference to senior Farm Business Management undergraduate students at Melbourne University.