Build your business services with Accreditation

Who can do this training?

  • Advisers who wish to add Farm Business Management to their professional skills offering, and be listed as a P2PAgri Accredited  Adviser on the P2PAgri website.

  • Accountants who wish to improve the level of support they offer their rural clients, and be listed as a P2PAgri Accredited Adviser on the P2PAgri Website.

  • Farmers who wish to undertake high quality training in farm business management for use in their own business.

Training Options

Two options currently available:

  • One-on-One training: This can be accessed at a time convenient to you, using a web-based communication tool such as ‘Zoom’
  • 2-Day Workshop:      Timing and location of these are negotiable.

Download Accredited Adviser training for further details on this course.
Call Mike Krause if you have further questions: 0408 967 122


P2PAgri Accredited Adviser Training: $3,300 (GST Incl.)

  • This price is the same for both training options above.
  • It also includes 2 x annual subscriptions to the FUTURE (highest) level of P2PAgri.

P2PAgri Accredited Advisers can add an unlimited number of clients to their platform at the wholesale annual license fee of $575/farm business (GST Inc). This license is at the FUTURE level of P2PAgri.

In subsequent years, the P2PAgri Accredited Adviser pays an annual fee of $550 (GST Inc). This covers ongoing consulting support, and the maintenance of accreditation.


Participants who have demonstrated competency in the training outcomes have the option to be listed on the P2PAgri website as a P2PAgri Accredited Adviser:

High-level competency in Farm Business Management concepts of:

  • Liquidity – Cash Flow
  • Efficiency – Use of capital invested
  • Wealth – Net Worth
  • Enterprise Gross Margins
  • Max Production ≠ Max Profit
  • Financial risk assessment of a business

High-level consulting skills to:

  • Identify the farmer client’s goals and contextualise why the farmer is asking for help.
  • Communicate clearly with farmers, listen to their business concerns and identify questions that require answering.
  • Interact with the client to provide a clear financial understanding of the business and be able to analyse strategies that will help the business achieve its goals.
  • If required, to provide the farmer with a written report of:
    • A ‘what-if’ analysis of the business.
    • A SWOT analysis of their business.
    • A report for the bank if the client requires additional financing.
  • Use the P2PAgri platform confidently in providing analysis of their client’s business.
  • Know how to build their farmer adviser business. Participants will be provided with strategies in how to use P2PAgri in their business once they are accredited:
    • How do you sell ‘farm business management’?
    • What services to provide?
    • What to charge?
    • How to maintain clients?

Resources used in training

Participants will receive two annual subscriptions to P2PAgri FUTURE (gives access to all 3 levels).

Participants will demonstrate competence in using all three levels of the platform, knowing which product is best used to answer specific questions:

  • ESSENTIALS – to give a quick ‘high-level’ financial SWOT analysis of the business, based on a business tax return.
  • SEASON – to focus on the season’s plan, monitor progress throughout the season, and analyse final results.
  • FUTURE – to plan the next 1-6 years and use SCENARIO ANALYSIS to assess ‘What-if’ questions where the client requires further insight.

‘Farming the Business’ GRDC farm business management manual is used as a reference.